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Factsheet Communication Impairment In Australia

Oakhill Speech Pathology aims to improve your child’s communication using evidence based assessment, and therapy programs. Oakhill Speech Pathology delivers therapy via a wholistic, family centred approach that is tailored specifically to suit your child and your family. Therapy is fun, functional, and meaningful. Oakhill Speech Pathology can assist in the following areas of communication development:

  • – Speech sound disorders/delays (articulation, phonology, Childhood Apraxia of Speech)
  • – Receptive language difficulties (comprehension, following directions)
  • – Expressive language difficulties (grammar, sentence construction, vocabulary, writing)
  • – Late talkers
  • – Stuttering
  • – Literacy (spelling, phonological awareness, reading copmprehension)
  • – Voice disorders
  • – Social skills
  • – Autism Spectrum Disorder related communication difficulties

Oakhill Speech Pathology has a competive fee schedule. We offer 30 minute, 45 minute, and 60 minute clinic visits. A summary report is included in the initial assessment fee. Comprehensive reports will be charged an additional fee. Oakhill Speech Pathology can also provide home visits, school visits, and  preschool visits. We also offer a free preschool screening service.

Private health insurance, Medicare and HCWA claims will be available.

Oakhill Speech Pathology services will be available at Hills Allied Health Centre, Bella Vista


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For more information, or to make appointments, please contact Cherie at Oakhill Speech Pathology.

Cherie Jessop-Neggo is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist with 8 years exprerience in paediatric private practice. Cherie has an undergraduate degree in Speech and Hearing Science, and a Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology from Macquarie University. Cherie is a Hanen trained therapist and a member of many international Speech Pathology Groups including: SPA Private Practice Member Community, SPA SPEL Member Community, Speech and Language Therapy, APPropriate Apps- SPA Member Group, SPA Mental Health Member Community, Dyspraxia Australia, Childhood Apraxia of Speech- Australian Support Group, SMIRA- Selective Mutism Information and Research Association, Speech Pathology Clinical Support, ASHA, BC Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, Geek SLP, IPad for Speech and Language Therapy, The Psychology Network.