Remedial Massage | Sports Massage | Deep Tissue Massage Castle Hill

Effective and safe, massage is a popular alternative medicine because of it’s healing properties and because it feels fantastic. Massage helps to reduce signs of inflammation, and accelerates healing of the muscle to promote a faster recovery time, allowing you to either get better or be better than you previously were.

Stimulation and manual treatment of muscles and other soft tissue in the body allows the body to heal effectively from musculo-skeletal  problems that may arise by relieving cellular stress and inflammation. We treat:

  • – All muscular aches and pains
  • – Jaw, Knee,Shoulder and Elbow dysfunctions on a muscular level
  • – Tension Headaches, Shoulder pain, Neck Pain
  • – Sports Injuries
  • – Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • – Post-op rehabilitation cases
  • – people for general stress! We love relaxation massages just as much!

We customise our Remedial Massage, from the treatment to the time of the Massage itself. You can pick! We have options of 30 minutes – 40 minutes – 60 minutes and 90 minutes, depending on your preference. We provide a fully customised treatment using several techniques according to your needs. We range from light Swedish techniques using long strokes, to powerful and effective Deep Tissue techniques combined with clinical knowledge gained through experience and training.

8940090_orig Massage Therapy Services at Hills Allied Health Centre are delivered by Betteru.


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