Little Star Early Learning is a psychology service specialising in early intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Little Star provides support for children and families in areas including play skills, anxiety, social and emotional skills, fussy eating, toilet training, challenging behaviour, school readiness, sleep management and going out in the community. The Little Star motto is to understand, empower and connect.

At Little Star we take the time to understand your position, find out your strengths and weaknesses as a family, and adopt the best model of practice to suit your family. We aim to help you understand all about your child’s ASD, the funding maze, your rights as a carer, and the importance of your own health.

While we see your child for one hour a week or fortnight, it’s what you do while we are not there that makes the most difference.  That’s why at Little Star we place a lot of emphasis on building up your skills as a carer and practicing these skills with you in session so YOU have the power to make positive change in your child’s life.
We also aim to empower your child to take on the hard stuff and to learn new skills to help them integrate into different environments.

At Little Star we aim to support the connection between your child and other family members and between your child and their peers at preschool, child care or school. We also place importance in parents being able to connect with each other and with other parents of children with ASD, in order to share experiences and develop a support network.


At Hills Allied Health Centre, Early Intervention for Children with ASD and their Families is provided by Little Star Early Learning


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